Dry Figs Anjeer Medium Size 250gm Pack – Delicious and Nutritious Dried Fruit


Dry Figs Anjeer Medium Size 250gm Pack – Delicious and Nutritious Dried Fruit

Dry Figs Anjeer Medium Size [ 250gm ]


Dry Figs Anjeer Medium Size [ 250gm ]

What is Fig (Anjeer)?

Figs (Anjeer انجیر) are a Sweet Fruits with multiple seeds and tender skin, which may be eaten ripe or dried Figs (Dry Fig) can also be referred to as nature’s candy because they’re high in natural sugar. It’s the fruits of the fig tree (Ficus), which is a member of the mulberry family, typically found in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Various varieties of this fruits can have distinct colours from purple, green, red, and golden yellow.

The dried figs (Anjeer) is easily available almost everywhere, all year round.

According to Researchers, the fruits, especially dried, should be added in the regular diet as a result of elevated levels of phenol antioxidants, fiber, and nutrition

Dry Figs or anjeer are soft and sweet and their paste is frequently used as a replacement for sugar. Fig spread is Utilized as a healthier option rather than corn syrup and sucrose. It is incorporated into pies, cakes, pudding, assorted baked goods and preserves. Organic Hunza figs are considered a healthy snack.

Nutrition Facts of Fig – Dried Figs:

Dry Figs (Anjeer) are rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, fiber, potassium, and calcium according to the USDA. Figs (Dry fig) promotes bone density and lower blood pressure.

Dried figs contain omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, and phenol.

Figs (Dry Fig) have many amazing health benefits. Let us discuss the health benefits in detail below.

Fig (Dried Figs) helps in Weight loss:

Figs (Anjeer) are full of fiber and the fiber helps to reduce body weight and is frequently for fat peoples. According to the research of (JAC) dried fruits, especially dry figs (Anjeer) are a convenient and superior source of nutrients.

However, their high-calorie count may also bring about weight reduction. A few figs (anjeer) are sufficient to get the recommended quantity of nutrients, so don’t overdo it. Fig bars are another choice for on-the-go nutrition recommended for both adults and kids.

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