Pistachio pista salted 1Kg Pack


Pistachio pista salted 1Kg Pack



  • Best Quality Pistachio Dry Fruits.
  • Buy Pistachio online in Lahore. With a reasonable price in Pakistan.
  • Pistachio have many nutritional facts.
  • Pistachio contains vitamins and many health benefits as well.
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KHAN DRY FRUITS presents premium quality fresh Pista / Pistachio online across Pakistan. Who doesn’t like eating nutritious pistachios in the cold? Originating from Central Asia and the Middle East, pistachios are now a popular dry fruits loved by all. We could not help but share the benefits of Pistachios and tell you how ‘Khaas’ they actually are ✨

Pistachio in Urdu is called Pista. They are grown on the farms of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, and Chakwal. Mainly, the abundant production of pistachio is in Chitral. They are found in the vast dry plains of Kagh Lusht in upper Chitral. However, the actual homelands of pistachio were Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. But Pakistan is now able to produce pistachio on its land.

KHAN DRY FRUITS gathers the best Pista / Pistachios from the country to their storehouse and sorts their quality to satisfy the demands of their customer. Pista along with Akhrot and Roasted Badaam make an excellent tea snack.

Pistachios are highly concentrated with nutrients, fibers, proteins, and antioxidants. Antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin benefit eye health. Pistachios have more protein concentration as compared to calories. These are the best nuts to take for losing weight and maintaining a healthy physique. Pistachios are enriched with fibers that help in the production of gut bacteria beneficial for active digestion and this maintains healthy metabolic activities in the body. Regular intake of pistachios also reduces blood cholesterol which helps in the maintenance of blood pressure. The lower glycemic index in pistachio manages the blood sugar level and is perfect for diabetic patients.

Grab your bags and order these subtle creamy green color pistachios online at the best prices from KHAN DRY FRUITS and make your days more refreshing.

You can make your meals more palatable by adding pistachios to them in the following ways:

● Take them as a snack with your tea and coffee.

Chop them and garnish your salads and make them luscious with the seasoning of these creamy pistachios.

Top your pizzas with chopped pistachios.

● Add green-purple color to your desserts and make them more mouthwatering by sprinkling a handful of pistachios over them.

● Add them to your cheesecake online price pistachio Online Nuts, price in Pakistan

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